Sure Footed Crossing The Rapids. - Watercolour- 9" x 28"   

A lone traveler and his mules cross the fast flowing waters . A single group staying together..sure footed and loyal to each other, 
they will find the welcoming banks on the other side where they will rest for the night beside the camp fire. 
I wanted to create the noise of the river, echoing, bubbling and gurgling and dancing it's way past the forest deep. Man, animals and nature as one.


Watercolor By Perri Duncan.

Higher and higher he climbed until the cold wind bit
through him , tearing at his soul..and yet in solitude
and beauty he found release and freedom. No hardship nor 
pain can claim him here..for it is here he will learn to live again, 
one day to come down from the mountains and 'Be'......

This painting was inspired by changes in life, 
situations, hardships, human weakness, and the longing to 
ride away from them. To find new beginnings, reach for higher 
things. That little cabin in the wilderness is buried deep 
in the trees. .The windows small, the fire crackling in the evening.and
in the distance the sound of thundering waterfalls and eagles cries, 
empty all thoughts
and release.........................................................................................
the mind from fear. 

Artists live much of their lives alone. We ride along that 
chosen path, living and feeling, dreaming everything we paint.



I live just outside of Elko NV . A town that was on the map as soon as the railroad was built by Central Pacific Railroad in 1865 The history of Elko includes 
the Garcia saddle. It is here that they have been made for over 100 years.
Below is one of my paintings which recently won an award for best in watercolour at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show , 
Prescott, AZ. 2017. 
This beautiful saddle was made for Madame Chevalier, by her husband , expert saddle maker and founder of the Garcia saddle-
making shop in Elko. 

GS Garcia Saddle - Watercolor-  24" x 32"  
GS Garcia Saddle
GS Garcia Saddle (Detail)